Inspirational and practical speaker on information security and leadership

Responsible for finding a suitable speaker? Or for organizing an event? Something to do with entrepreneurship or entrepreneurs? Looking for a speaker who also cares about your audience? Someone who likes to think along how that part best contributes to the overall program?

One speaker isn't the other

  • A clear and inspiring story about information security
  • Interaction and practical personal tips so it comes alive
  • Personal, so it touches you
  • On time, because even if I have an interesting story, it should always fit into your program
  • Topics where Mark Tissink talks about

    Information security in control

    Purpose: Insight and approach.

    The lecture based on the book. In one or more hours a complete walk through the book of the same name.

    Leadership in times
    of endless data

    Purpose: Social interpretation

    We can do anything with data, but what do we really want with it. In search of our compass for information collections.

    The human as the last link
    in a strong chain

    Purpose: Clarify the role for employees

    It shouldn't be the case that 1 click from an employee completely brings the organization down. Right?

    Other perspectives and topics are always possible.

    In any case, Mark Tissink always speaks from the basis of personal leadership and accountability. He knows like no other information security and the different environments where it must be applied. Otherwise, please read Mark Tissink's personal story.

    What Mark Tissink can bring to you and your audience

    • All the tips and excuses I have heard over the years
    • How to create more focus with the right goal and thus get it right faster
    • How to go from policy to action
    • What the challenges are to give this sufficient attention in the organization
    • What the route is to secure risk taking
    • A fresh perspective on how to go from "your way of working" to a "secure way of working
    • How to take a step-by-step approach to your grip on information security

    These are some of the questions I regularly help organizations with. I have also provided training in this at the professional level for the past 5+ years. It really doesn't have to be difficult, or restrictive and obstructive.

    Step by step to more control without sacrificing entrepreneurial freedom. Possible? Yes!

    Many organizers have gone before you

    And so have that part of their program well taken care of. Because Mark himself organizes many trainings and events, he feels and knows what that means for you. What is involved. That makes a difference.

    Information about Mark Tissink as a speaker

  • Personal development. Ultimately, information security at any level requires a piece of personal growth.
  • Employees or entrepreneurs? Each target group has its challenges and its own approach.
  • Practical. His story is filled with practical examples from his daily work. As a consultant, coach, trainer and expert with companies that have worked with him.
  • Energetic. Positive appearance and mad/crazy shoes.
  • Interactive. Mark always seeks interaction with the audience. Invites questions from the audience so that a message sticks. Assuming you want it to:-)
  • Customization. Is it about employees, managers, corporates, owners or SMEs?

  • Rates ("target price") of Mark Tissink as a speaker

  • Training / workshop - a full day - 3000 euro
  • Workshop - Half a day - 2500 euros
  • Keynote - 60 to 90 minutes - 2000 euros
  • Anything is possible!

  • Learn more or spar about your event and goals: Contact!